22 Sep
Day 10

Well we certainly both slept soundly after our mammoth day yesterday- in fact I typed 53 miles for yesterday and that was an error - it was 43. Funny, yesterday was the shortest distance and least time in the saddle and we were our most exhausted! That’s the mountains for you. So I shall try to be more accurate with today’ stats - sorry.

Roches near Moutier to Sigigen

51 miles,  5 hours 30 in the saddle and Phil’s fastest speed was 28.8

1 barking dog

So many buzzards and at least 12 herons!

Also forgot to mention yesterday we saw a chamois and 2 baby chamois on our way to the restaurant- adorable.

Our B and B this morning at the foot of the Jura.

As you can see once again we were blessed with good weather. We have had another cloudless blue sky and although it was only 3 degrees this morning, the sun warms up quickly and before you know it, the coat and gloves are off. This trip has been colder that I was expecting and this brings with it wardrobe issues - something I was not expecting either. Coat on, coat off, fleece on, fleece off, under vest today plus tee shirt or just tee shirt! And so it goes on. It also takes up time to stop and shed or gain layers - however we should consider ourselves lucky that the wet kit has not yet been used - very blessed.

Now back to the beginning of the day - our first Swiss breakfast - for me perfect - yoghurt and granola, fresh fruit, nutty bread and Emmental - yummy! Great start to the day. Which is just as well as we were both feeling somewhat mouldy after yesterday’s exertions. It does take it out of you. Anyhow our day started with a long slow climb, but we were cycling alongside the river and it was gentle and we then had a fantastic descent afterwards as our reward.

Our first pit stop brought us a creamy hot chocolate from a roadside bar/restaurant - cavernous inside with many men of a certain age gathering to pass the time of day.  

Leaving the Jura behind us.

Our next 15 miles were slow - ups and downs as we headed away from the Jura. Mostly agricultural and lots of cows with bells, sheep with bells and goats with bells - who’d have thought it! Also the odd chiming church - very atmospheric- however it felt rather laborious until our final 15 when rewards came again in a fair wind behind us and we lapped up the miles.

Cresting a hill we caught our first sight of the Alps, such a vision. Cycle lanes have eased our day no end and even a horrible hill up to our B and B can’t deprive us of an overall good days cycling and enjoyment of Switzerland- delicious supper tonight has helped restore us too and another adventure awaits tomorrow.

We crossed a wooden bridge!

We did realise early on in the day that people were not responding to our ‘Bonjour’ because we should have been saying ‘Guten Morgen’! It’s very German here and I am struggling to understand a word and keep saying oui, ci, merci, danke and a whole load of other bits of languages - heaven help me in Italy and beyond!

So until tomorrow- early night here to rest our weary bones. Thank you once again for all your wonderful comments that make us smile and feel loved and encouraged. Apologies again not answering them individually due to lack of time, but please keep them coming. They do make a difference. And we do get them all and read them all. 

Much love P and J XX

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