09 Oct
Day 27 - Team Maddy

Today’s stats 

Herceg-Novi to Bar

51 miles - phew

5 hours and 2 mins in the saddle - more phew

Total miles 1477 - golly!

1 x extra team member who did amazingly well with no training! 

Lots of tunnels and Sunday drivers! It must be a global thing!

Well today we felt very much like Team Maddy! As we set off in our brightly coloured matching t- shirts, we were once again blessed with beautiful weather and little wind - perfect cycling conditions.

We had an easy morning and the first 25 miles flew past, having fun slipstreaming each other, 2 delightful waterfront pit stops, one delicious iced coffee and we even went on a ferry briefly! Such a novelty.

The afternoon was a harder cycle, with long slow painful hills and even though we had only done 51 miles today, after a lovely descent into Bar we were all happy to see our hotel!

We have had to tackle a number of tunnels today (I always call out ‘Maddy’ when we are in a tunnel as it is so lovely to hear her name echo around us) and one in particular today gave us a bit of a fright as it started off open sided and light and suddenly became enclosed and pitch black. Still in our dark glasses we couldn’t see a thing and pedalling furiously, we were very relieved when the end and therefore light suddenly appeared! Might put our lights on next time!

It has been such a tonic having Will with us today and he has coped brilliantly, just joining the pace and rhythm of our days. Team Maddy ended the day by lighting her candle (so kindly brought out by Will) at supper tonight and today has very much felt like an important step in our journey for Maddy’s Mark.

Sleep tight dear family and friends, we certainly will and we look forward to recounting more tales tomorrow!

With our love P and J and W! XXX

An extra thank you: 

Talking of teams please can I personally thank team physio Jo for all her wonderful and knowledgeable advice on all and any of my aches and pains! Thank you Joey - you constantly reassure me that I am not falling to pieces and for that and this very tolerant friend I am very grateful XX

Only 604km to go according to this! X

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