19 Oct
Day 37 - One Day More …..

Today’s Stats 

Amfiklia to Thiva

51 miles

Hours in the saddle - 4 hours 24 mins

1950 miles so far!

After Team Maddy shared a lovely breakfast together, the cycling duo set off in glorious sunshine once more. With the wind behind our backs and a gentle downhill slope, the scene was set for an easy day’s cycling either on the flat or a gradual slope. Overall the last few days cycling have restored HOO’s and my faith in the pleasures of long distance cycling after our few pretty grim days at the beginning of our Greek phase! For me personally I think I had been so looking forward to getting into Greece and just enjoying the last week that it was a bit of a shock to be hit with our most challenging days then. However back on today… 

The landscape continued in similar style to yesterday, with soft tree covered mountains to our right and agricultural plains to our left.  We saw olive groves and lavender fields, and the cotton harvest was still clearly evident.  

Meeting Karen and Simon at our first pit stop has become a highlight, even if the garage you are in only offered us drinks from the chiller - but we found a delicious iced coffee!

After another 15 miles of very similar cycling pit stop number 2 (same company again!) brought a certain Greek charm.  A tired taverna, an enthusiastic owner who although we only bought soft drinks, set the table for us to enjoy our packed lunch. Upon leaving and trying to pay the bill, we had to rouse him from a deep slumber at one of his own tables.  

We powered the last 20 miles to meet K and S at our hotel in Thiva in good enough time to be able to go straight out for a post cycle celebratory drink, later we frequented the same establishment for a hearty supper.

We have noticed during the past week in Greece that you are often given a complimentary something with your meal. Tonight we were not only given an owner’s salad, but also a platter of ice dream and unidentifiable candied fruit, and a rather tasty digestif - very kind.

So for now it’s early nights for us all as we’ve got quite a big day tomorrow! We have had a busy evening so far with chats about tomorrow at supper, spoken to Shine Radio and been thrilled by the current total of just over £9000. So near our target and so near our goal! Hopefully we can hit gold and get to both tomorrow- how amazing would that be!

So for the last but one time dear ones at home, we send you so much love and thanks for all your thoughts, prayers and  generosity J and P and K and S XXXX

Ponderings from the pedals that I keep meaning to tell you:

Lorries and coaches: the thing is with lorries is when they come towards you just after they pass you are hit by a wall of air. When they overtake you that wall of air hits you and propels you forward, sometimes in the direction of the lorry itself! Generally on this trip we have found that lorries are nearly always courteous and have tried to give us enough space as possible to cope with this. Coaches on the other hand don’t care two hoots and in fact they do often hoot but seem to come so close that I’m surprised I’ve still got skin on my elbows. 

The lizards, beetles, butterflies and two buzzards were back today.

HOO and I are definitely somewhat leaner than when we set off. However, although cycling seems to tone my arms and legs, I’m not sure it’s done anything for my tummy and my hopes of being body beautiful in my somewhat later 50s, have not quite become a realisation due to battle scars, bruises and an abundance of mosquito bites. Finally, and I’m sorry if this is you much detail, when the cycling clothes come off at the end of the day, a most peculiar tan makes it look as if you are still in them!

New game for you today….

Spot the difference.

Photo selection from today 

Packing up this morning and every morning!

Cotton everywhere 

We found an ancient monument!

Tired taverna lunch!

What it’s all about… 

Pedalling those roads… 

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