19 Sep
Day 7

Here are today’s stats!

51 miles, 5 hours and 10 mins cycle time - a lot of that was spent going up 2 huge hills!, fastest time 33.9 - usual person! Nearly got him at 31.9! Only 3 barking dogs, 1 pit stop at a supermarket- very good coffee, 1 road which became a rough track, 1 slipped chain and both very tired!

What a day you have all had - we have seen some coverage when we have paused our pedals, we have stood in silence by the side of a busy road with you all and in respect of our late beloved Queen I am writing little more tonight but will add some photos taken along the way today. In summary, the landscape has changed from arable to dairy and we feel a more Alpine character in the landscape around us. We have tackled 2 horrible hills but mostly our thoughts have been at home with you all. A very solemn and thoughtful day 7 completed. A longer account tomorrow but until then we send you love and thoughts P and J XX

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