20 Sep
Day 8

Daily Stats Vaucencourt to Montbeliard

58 miles

Fastest speed 25.2 Saddle time 5 hours 34 mins ouch!

Bicycle maintenance x1

Pine Martens x2 but in Pine Marten heaven ☹️

After a delightful stay in a very welcoming Chambre D’hote, we had the most picturesque and easy 15 miles we have had! Before we set off HOO oiled the chains on the bikes - first bike maintenance complete! As we cycled through the woodland roads, the cloudless sky gave us dappled sunlight on good surfaces - what a start. Bliss continued as we cycled over the River Saone, (can’t find the key for the circumflex on the O sorry!), pausing to photograph the view and the heron! We then cycled along one of the many deserted roads we have encountered, with the river running parallel and felt all was well with the world. Our first pit stop was just off a quiet D road, where a herd of cows were our contented audience, watching as we fuelled up.

Another busy road!

Spot the heron!

Unfortunately, bliss comes and it goes and our next 15 miles were HARD - thundering traffic on a single lane but busy D road, with an oncoming wind and just miles of the same - no towns or variety to break it up - as HOO said in his forever positive frame of mind - it was a good road surface though! So we dug deep and then after a break at 30 miles, the next 15, although only the same road, seemed to pass more quickly and before we knew it, we were on the last 13 to Montbeliard. A historic city, where we have supped and are now ready to slumber soon to prepare for the Jura tomorrow- can’t believe it’s our last night in France.  There is definitely a more Alpine feel here and although tomorrow is 45 miles of climbing, we are looking forward to the next stage.

Highlights for us were the sound of cowbells and the smell of woodsmoke, very reminiscent of skiing. HOO also enjoyed the sight of light aircraft, circuiting a small grass airstrip!

Bodies continue to cope well and slight hitch with HOO’s bike means we are setting off via a bike shop first thing.

Farewell to France and all being well hello to Switzerland- until tomorrow we send love to you all, P and J XX

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