21 Sep
Day 9

We have made it to Switzerland!
Montbeliard in France to Roches in Suisse!

Stats are as follows: 

43 miles, 4 hours and 58 mins in the saddle and guess who was fastest at 36.4mph and I did do 32.5 and I was terrified on descent and there was a huge oncoming wind!
1 barking dog - Swiss dogs are very well behaved!

Well it has been quite a day and as I write this both HOO and I are feeling somewhat weather beaten and glowing as we have been buffeted by the wind all day. And actually I would like a stronger verb than buffeted as that doesn’t cover it in the slightest but I can’t think of one.

Our morning started at a great little bike shop called Fixie75 who worked their magic and did ‘Fixie’ HOO’s bike which had a gear changing issue. Once mended off we set, ducking and weaving our way out of the city - such fun. That is what is lovely about a long journey like this that there is so much variety. One day a country lane, the next busy city streets. Montbeliard (home of Peugeot we learnt at breakfast) thankfully was relatively simple to get out of, helped by numerous cycle lanes, so it wasn’t too long before we were doing a gentle climb towards the border which came sooner and with more ease than expected. We crossed at a place called Fahy, and after cycling all that way they didn’t even look at our passports!

Descending gently the other side, we paused in the Alpine meadows for our first pit stop and set off in good heart. There had been a strong oncoming wind most of the morning which grew in strength and we then we began to ascend again and again and again - exhausting - finally summiting we had a hot chocolate at the chilly top and the spectacular view, revived us slightly. We then descended. With such a steep decline and strong wind, I found it terrifying as it took all my strength to keep my bike on the correct side of the road! I feel I have spent my day either exhausted and digging deep or in fear!

Our last push to our B and B was through the foothills  of the Jura and was wonderful. Cycling through a gorge and our first tunnel, with a river to our right. Suddenly we were at Roches and both agree it has been the hardest day’s cycling we have ever done.

Our kind host has driven us to a restaurant and we are now replete and very ready for sleep! Wrists and knees aching (mine anyway!) and cheeks glowing, I am sure I will be happy to see my bike in the morning but just for now I am rather happy to not be in the saddle! 

So until tomorrow, we send you our love, P and J XX

A little extra, we met a delightful couple from Utah at our B and B this morning. We hope you enjoy your crossing at Fahy tomorrow and celebrate walking across France - from fellow adventurers, we send our congratulations for a huge success. And also to the lovely French chap also at breakfast today, for getting through your day’s work at Puegeot  - a challenge in itself when everyone around you was going off to have fun! 

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